Landscape Coaching

September 30, 2016


Landscape Coaching

WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC offers landscape coaching!


What exactly is landscape coaching you ask?

Landscape coaching is a service which you can schedule time in thirty minute blocks with one of  WHL’s professionals to visit with you and discuss any landscape project you might wish to tackle yourself.  In todays world many people find working in their yards to be a form of stress relief, but many are not sure about how to go about their project. Maybe it’s what tree, shrub, or perennial you should use.  For others it may be how and when to prune different trees or shrubs in your landscape. WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC can help by offering our “coaching” so that you can tackle that project with confidence!! Contact us at (859) 444-0486 today to schedule your coaching session!! Don’t leave your project undone, let WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC guide you through your project the right way!


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