Tree and shrub Care

February 3, 2017

Tree & Shrub Care 

WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC is Northern Kentucky’s “All Natural” tree and shrub care professional. As a homeowner one of the largest investment in your property is the trees, shrubs, and perennials that make up your landscape. They are the first things people see as they come upon your home. Trees and shrubs perform many functions for your home such as create shade that cools your home. They take up large amounts of water that otherwise would cause flooding and go into the sewer system. Trees and shrubs clean the air. Trees and shrubs  provide visible beauty to our property which increases the value. So why would you not maintain this investment? The professionals of WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC are trained and certified to understand how to identify potential issues with the trees, shrubs, and perennials in your landscape. This is huge in avoiding damage or loss of valuable landscape plants. Many times when homeowners call us to look at issues it’s too late to save the landscape tree or shrub. This costs the homeowner money, but more important the time it took the tree to mature to the size it was at the time of the loss is not recoverable. Avoid issues in the landscape by hiring WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC to care for your landscape. Call us now to schedule your onsite landscape evaluation.

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