WhiteHouse Farm

WhiteHouse Farm is the most recent development for the WhiteHouse brand, and the first expansion outside of landscape design and maintenance. WhiteHouse Farm was established on May 7, 2020 in Williamstown, Kentucky. The development of the farm came about as a result of several issues noted in the local nurseries. First is the lack of availability of newly released trees, woody shrubs, and perennials in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area. Secondly is the shortages of certain popular varieties, and cultivars of plants. It is our desire to have the newest releases of plants in sizes that fit into a mature landscape, while also having a plentiful inventory of popular landscape plants throughout the growing season.

WhiteHouse Farm is dedicated to the highest standards of plant development. We understand that to plant a healthy plant in your landscape, we must properly nurture is from day one at our nursery. Proper handling and nurturing is what we do every day to ensure the quality of our plants. We also believe in environmental responsibility. We are blessed with an abundance of water in our region. This isn’t true in all parts of our country. In order to be a responsible grower we do not use Spray heads in any of our grow beds. This approach wastes water, and in some situations causes fungal disease. We use drip irrigation throughout our operations. Drip irrigation is a conservative method of irrigation that directs the water to the exact place its needed. This is how we prevent wasting water, and fertilizer runoff throughout the nursery operation.

Please visit http://www.whitehousefarmky.com to follow the progress of the farm development.