What is plant health care?

What is plant health care?

WhiteHouse Landscapes Plant Health Care Service

WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC is proud to provide our clients with plant health care service. This is where I started when I entered the landscape maintenance industry as a plant health care specialist. This position was key for me to gain the understanding I have today about landscape plants and the pests that have a negative effect on them.

Plant Health Care ?

So what is plant health care? and why is it important to all homeowners?  In the simplest terms, plant health care is a service that consists of scheduled visits that are based on the relationship between weather, landscape plants, landscape disease, landscape pests, and landscape pest predators. The goal is to preserve the health of landscape plants, and is accomplished by seasonal visits that are timed according to the emergence of landscape pests or disease. The goal is not to eliminate all landscape pests, but instead assist nature only when plant damage exceeds acceptable thresholds or is out of balance. When action is required the response should always be the mildest means possible to accomplish the goal.

Why our service is important

Traditional landscape management is frequently characterized by over use of chemicals, and a lack of knowledge of the work. Why WhiteHouse Landscapes’s plant health care service is important for the homeowner is that our our most important function is “scouting” your landscape, and recording our findings. It’s not instantly spraying all plants the moment we arrive.

Scouting is important

By scouting your landscape plants we can gain an understanding of the plants condition by observing visible signs that are present. Then make a record of the conditions that were observed during the visit. A copy of this record is emailed to you with any advise or recommendations, a copy is maintained in our record keeping for future use.

What if there are issues?

If issues are noted we will identify the pest, disease, or condition. We then determine if any action is required. If action is required, we then will proceed by the mildest means possible to regain balance in nature. By using observation, analysis, and then action we greatly reduce pesticides from the environment. We provide proper care to your landscape plants, and extend the useful lifespan of your landscape plants. 

Your landscape is valuable!

Of all of your properties assets, landscape plants account for some of the most costly to replace. A plant health care service can extend the life span thus saving you costly removal and replacement. The other factor that most homeowners don’t think of is the time element. That is the amount of time it will take for plant to mature into the size of the plant lost. You can’t put a price on time, its the one thing that can’t be replaced.

Plant Health Care is priceless!

So a plant health care service is priceless if you have a landscape that you love. Like homeowners and car insurance, plant health care is a form a investment in something you wouldn’t want to loose. With that said, no company can guarantee you won’t loose a plant. No one can control the weather and environmental changes we are experiencing. Plant health care monitors the plants, interprets what is observed, and then recommends action. This alone can greatly extend the expected lifespan of landscape plants and save you time and money. 

We can help!

If you love your landscape we ask you to please consider trusting us to help you care for it. You can do this by going to www.whitehouselandscapes.com . Then click on the request a free quote icon of the right side of the home page. We look forward to meeting you and serving your landscape needs. We hope you found this article was helpful, if so we would love to hear your feedback. Please contact us at business@whitehouselandscapes.com and tell us what you thought. Thank you for your time.

Additional Reading Resource

For additional information please visit https://www.treesaregood.org/portals/0/docs/treecare/PlantHealthCare.pdf